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Client Candidate Service

Client Candidate Representation

When J. B. Linde performs a Client Candidate representation assignment all expenses and recruiting fees will be paid by the hiring company.  At no time will J.B. Linde charge monetary fees of any kind to the individual Client Candidate.


J.B. Linde offers our individual Client Candidates exposure to companies ranging from Fortune 500 Corporations to very profitable privately held and family owned Companies within their preferred geographic location.


Our Associates are thoroughly trained to handle our Client Candidates with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism to respect the Client Candidate's current employment.  Our Associates are trained to the capability of performing Client Candidate representation assignments on all levels ranging from Single Contributor to the Management & Executive levels.


We offer our individual Client Candidates our forty-plus years of experience in representation within their industries of interest and selected geographic regions.  Our goal is to identify a new career opportunity that meets or exceeds our Client Candidate's outlined objectives in making their career move, whether this is a local opportunity to avoid relocation or if relocation is involved to target a specific geographic region, all the while maintaining 100% confidentiality of their current employment.  We are extremely proficient in screening and pre-qualifying Companies to meet our individual Client Candidate's career interests with regard to the position responsibilities, products designed and manufactured, CAD software utilized, salary range available, benefits and 401K information, relocation package being offered, etc.  We engage only those Companies that meet or exceed the criteria that our individual Client Candidate has outlined and predetermined would be of interest to him/her.  This thorough pre-qualification process will help to eliminate wasting valuable time and expenses of all parties involved and will maximize the successful completion of the Client Candidate representation project.