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I had the opportunity to work with JB Linde & Associates several times during the recruitment of Engineering personnel for Crane Merchandising Systems.  The Candidates that were presented to me matched very closely to the company's requirements.  JB Linde & Associates was very thorough in their searches and their response time to any of my inquiries was short.  JB Linde & Associates also supported me when I asked for them to interview Candidate references due to my workload.  Their personnel are very professional and always took care of my needs.  I have a lot of respect for this firm and how it handles recruitment of professionals.

Jose Avendano

Director of Refrigeration & Product Reliability Engineering

Crane Merchandising Systems (www.cranems.com)




I have had the opportunity to utilize the recruiting and placement services of J.B. Linde & Associates on many projects spanning a fifteen year period while employed as both Director of Human Resource and VP of Human Resource for a global Fortune 200 Corporation at numerous divisions.

While working with the consultants at J.B. Linde & Associates, I found them to be extremely adept at identifying and recruiting professional and managerial Candidates to fill our positions.  They excel at acquiring the information needed regarding our company culture, position duties and responsibilities and specific experience required to assist them in targeting the ideal Candidates.

They act in a timely and professional manner.  Candidates were fully prepared with a good understanding of our business and the position responsibilities.  Candidates were prescreened with regard to willingness to relocate and their salary expectation.  They were very thorough with post interview debriefing and presenting Candidate feedback for our review.

I would recommend J.B. Linde & Associates for recruiting assignments on professional and management level positions within manufacturing companies.


Pat Comeau

Vice President of Human Resource

Fortune 200 Corporation




In my experience the recruiting process with Roy is unmatched.  Most recruiters will do a cursory job of matching key words on a resume to a job description and then arrange an interview.  Roy brings an excellent knowledge of both the industry and the position to the table.  He goes beyond the resume learning the full qualifications of a Candidate, work habits and personality and matches those to perspective employers, then sharing similar knowledge of the employer with the Candidate.  He remains actively involved throughout the interview and hiring process: timely responses, working through scheduling conflicts and delays, following up after interviews and key events and remaining accessible throughout.  He provided valuable support to keep the process moving through delays.  Roy deserves my highest recommendation as a recruiter.


Senior Research & Development Engineer (Recruited and placed on retained search)

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Fortune 250 Corporation 




We have worked with Mr. Burke and J.B. Linde & Associates for over 17 years.  During this time Mr. Burke has assisted us with filling key engineering, sales and management positions. Mr. Burke has always conducted business with the utmost of professionalism and integrity.  He has invested his time to understand our technical needs and our company's culture. The Candidates that he introduces to our company are always prequalified, meet the standards established for the position and come to us prepared and with clear interpretation of the opportunity for which they are interviewing. As a result of the work that Mr. Burke does up front, we have extended offers to a high percentage of the Candidates presented by J.B. Linde.  After presenting offers, Mr. Burke has provided valuable assistance in answering questions or addressing any concerns that the Candidates have. This in turn has resulted in a high rate of acceptance of the offer we have extended. Mr. Burke has assisted us in filling eleven (11) key positions since 2001. Of these eleven (11) individuals, nine (9) are still with us performing at a high level and several have been promoted to positions of greater responsibility. Because of his track record, Mr. Burke is the only recruiter we use when looking to fill a position within his specialty. Of the many professional recruiters I have worked with during my career, Mr. Burke and J.B. Linde are the best. Sincerely-


Randall M. Folkmann

President & CEO

Melton Machine & Controls Company