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Client Company Services


Target Recruiting

J.B. Linde offers our Client Companies our forty plus years of experience and expertise in target recruiting within their industry and geographic location.  Based on the written and verbal position description provided by the Client Company we will research, identify and target recruit those Candidates meeting the professional level, technical experience, education requirements and our Client Company's salary range.  We possess the latest and most up to date software to research the market place and identify the highest probability companies where these "best fit" Candidates may be a current or former employee.  We make every effort to first recruit Candidates in the local region of our Client Company thereby eliminating or reducing relocation expenses.  We then initiate verbal contact with these Candidates to introduce them to our Client Company and the career opportunity at hand.  


Resume Retrieval and Pre-Screening

Once a potential Candidate has been identified, contacted and interest is established on their behalf, we will obtain the Candidate's resume and begin a very thorough pre-screening and pre-qualification process to assure a high probability match.  This pre-screening process includes the Candidate's technical experience, education, current and expected salary, personality and communication skills, if not local their willingness to relocate and the details involved in the relocation.  Upon successful completion of the pre-screening process if the Candidate meets or exceeds our Client Company's expectations, we will submit the resume and a written assessment of qualifications to the Client Company.  


Additional Services

At the Client Company's request we will assist in coordinating and scheduling phone and face to face interview dates, times, directions, travel arrangements and accommodations.  We will prepare the Candidate with the interview itinerary, dress code and all other pertinent information.  We will perform a post-interview debriefing of the Candidate and provide the Client Company with the details. 

At the Client Company's request we will perform reference checking services and provide the Client Company with a written report along with the reference name, relationship to the Candidate and contact information.